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There have been over 223,000 EXCESS DEATHS in America this year so far

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COVID FACT CHECK: There have been over 223,000 EXCESS DEATHS in America this year so far, above and beyond the flu and all other causes of death COMBINED

Over the last several months, it has become trendy in independent media circles to now claim the coronavirus is a “hoax” that killed no one. The virus doesn’t even exist, many conservative-leaning pundits now claim, and no one died from COVID-19, they insist.

But the CDC tracks actual deaths from all causes, regardless of what’s listed on death certificates. And so far this year, America has seen over 223,000 excess deaths above and beyond what would normally be expected (yes, from all causes). This number is sourced from county-level death statistics which are aggregated into national numbers by the CDC via its “National Vital Statistics System” (NVSS) database, which tracks birth and deaths across the country. You can see the “excess deaths” numbers at this link at

According to the data, over two hundred thousand Americans “extra” people died this year so far.

So then, what killed them if not the Wuhan coronavirus?

The COVID-19 denialists — those who continue to call the virus a “hoax” — have no explanation for the 223,000 excess deaths. I know this because I’ve asked them. And their answers demonstrate a shocking level of self-delusion and denialism.

I asked one person I know about their explanation for the 223,000 deaths, and they answered, “Those deaths were all faked.”

Actually, those are real deaths with body bags, funerals, burials and everything. You can verify them county by county if you want, but they’re quite real. The CDC didn’t fabricate the numbers; they’re sourced from the county morgues.

Another person told me, “Those are just people dying from the flu.”

Except it’s not flu season, and even during a typical U.S. flu season, we only see about 35,000 deaths from the flu. The aggregate death numbers from the CDC already take flu deaths into account, by the way. The 223,000+ excess deaths is above normal deaths from all causes, including the flu.

Another popular answer I’ve been getting is that, “People were killed by 5G.”

So then why did the 5G deaths stop, then? Because the excess deaths peaked in mid-April and have been steadily falling ever since. If 5G is what’s killing people, why wouldn’t it keep killing people at the same rate? Did the 5G murderers suddenly decide to kill fewer people? That makes no sense if the purpose of 5G is to kill people, does it?

Misleading with statistics

Ultimately, when it comes to statistics and COVID-19, most people just decide to tune out whatever data don’t fit their current narrative. So they pretend that 223,000 extra people haven’t died in the United States this year. This is how you end up with headlines like Watts Up With That claiming “Stunning CDC – US deaths overestimated by 17 times.” The story goes on to falsely claim, “we’ve had about 9,680 people who died of Coronavirus-19.”

That’s not true at all. We’ve actually had 223,000 deaths that would not have otherwise occurred if the coronavirus hadn’t been released by China.

Paul Joseph Watson from has a far more accurate and honest headline and assessment, explaining, “CDC: COVID-19 ‘Only Cause Mentioned’ in 6 Per Cent of Total Coronavirus Deaths.” This is a far more intellectually honest and informative headline.

But staffers of Alex Jones of InfoWars ran with a highly misleading video headline and title in his video segment posted to, misleadingly claiming, “CDC Officially Calls Covid-19 a Hysteria-Driven Hoax.” That’s not true at all.

Watson got it right; Jones got it wrong. Covid-19 deaths aren’t a hoax, and the CDC didn’t “officially” admit to any hoax at all.

Almost everyone who dies has secondary health conditions because very few people die in perfect health

In truth, as I pointed out in an earlier article, almost every person who dies in America dies with secondary illnesses, regardless of the immediate cause of death. If a bomb exploded in a mall, most of the people who die would also show underlying diseases and chronic health conditions. Does that mean they didn’t die from the bomb?

According to much of the independent media, bomb deaths don’t count if the people bombed to death already had heart disease. (And that makes no sense at all.)

Apparently, we are told by the indy media that the only covid-19 deaths which should be counted are deaths among perfectly healthy people who had no other health problems at all. But those people aren’t likely to die from infectious disease, are they?

It’s a catch-22, you see: No deaths are real unless the people who died were perfectly healthy. That’s what much of the alternative media is now telling us, and it smacks of the crazed doublespeak of Leftists who claim rioting is “mostly peaceful.”

Here’s what the CDC numbers actually reveal

The CDC reveals all the numbers at this link, by the way.

Here’s a snapshot of the excess deaths around April of 2020. The red plus signs indicate excess deaths above expected norms:

And here’s a short table of CDC data comparing expected deaths to actual deaths for several key weeks surrounding the coronavirus pandemic “surge” in America:

Week Actual Deaths Expected Deaths
15-Aug-20 55,344 51,651
8-Aug-20 60,640 51,695
1-Aug-20 61,749 51,751
25-Jul-20 62,177 51,912
18-Jul-20 61,321 52,076
11-Jul-20 61,145 52,204
4-Jul-20 59,924 52,331
27-Jun-20 58,956 52,513
20-Jun-20 58,349 52,670
13-Jun-20 58,432 52,710
6-Jun-20 59,252 52,890
30-May-20 60,071 53,054
23-May-20 62,049 53,254
16-May-20 64,953 53,564
9-May-20 67,278 53,950
2-May-20 69,688 54,420
25-Apr-20 74,186 55,076
18-Apr-20 77,086 55,683
11-Apr-20 79,360 56,258
4-Apr-20 72,525 56,809
28-Mar-20 63,222 57,361

If you do the math on these, between March 20th and August 20th, over 223,000 excess deaths were recorded in the United States.

That’s a lot of deaths for a virus that people claim is a “hoax,” isn’t it?

All lives may matter to them, but all deaths certainly don’t

How can so many independent media outlets just dismiss 223,000 deaths in America and call them all a hoax? It seems intellectually dishonest for media publishers that obsess over one death of a patriot prayer individual who was shot in Portland (by radical left-wing Antifa terrorists, no less) while these same media publishers completely dismiss 223,000 excess deaths that have taken place in America since March of this year.

If these 223,000 deaths can be ignored, then why can’t a million deaths also be dismissed as a hoax? Or six million deaths in a modern-day bioweapons holocaust?

Is there any number of deaths that will break the spell of indy media’s cult-like obedience demands and shake people’s consciousness back to the real world where viruses actually do exist and people should take sensible precautions to protect their health?

Indy media has a responsibility to get the story right

The indy media performs a very important function in our society by countering the coordinated corporate propaganda of the globalist-run left-wing media, but that’s exactly why the independent media has a responsibility to get these stories right. There’s no room for lazy thinking or taking wild leaps into unjustified conclusions based on misinterpretations of public data. By releasing comorbidity data, the CDC didn’t “admit” that COVID-19 is a total hoax; they simply confirmed that most Americans are diseased all the time, every single day. And when they die, they die with many underlying illnesses and health conditions.

That’s not a conspiracy. It’s just the sad state of health across the American people. And using those data to claim that no one died from the coronavirus is just really bad — and highly irresponsible — journalism.

To my friends across the independent media, don’t leap to false conclusions because you want them to be true. The coronavirus is quite real and it managed to kill hundreds of thousands of Americans already. Yes, elements of the pandemic are being wildly exaggerated and weaponized by the left-wing media (and left-wing mayors and governors), but don’t make the mistake of thinking the virus doesn’t exist just because Gov. Newsom is using the virus to destroy California’s economy and accelerate the collapse of the U.S. food supply.

The virus is real and Democrats are exploiting it to push false narratives that are nowhere near justified by the real science. Both of these things are true at the same time.

And perfectly healthy people, by the way, rarely die from anything. That’s why nearly all deaths — from all causes — usually have underlying health conditions. This point should be self-evident.

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