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Likely TIMELINE of events to take place from Sep. 20 to Jan. 20, covering vaccines, SCOTUS, Election Day, markets, terrorism and insurrection

What follows is a likely timeline of events to take place between now (Sep. 20, 2020) and Jan 20, 2021. Due to the extreme volatility of current events, almost no one dare make predictions these days, but this timeline is based on interviews with top law enforcement who have ties to federal agencies, with additional sources from the militia community as well as individuals close to the Trump administration.

This timeline, although subject to change, is our current best guess at how the moves on the chess board are likely to play out. It covers the SCOTUS nomination, Election Day, the Insurrection Act, left-wing terrorism, financial markets, election outcomes and more. There’s also a commendable overview of the coming chaos at this All News Pipeline story, which is worth checking out after you review the timeline below.

Here’s what I see as likely to play out, given the current best information:

Pre-Election Chaos: Sep 20th – Nov. 2nd
Left-wing insurrectionists will continue to ramp up their riots, resorting to increasingly violent and escalated attacks on law enforcement, federal buildings and conservative groups such as Proud Boys.

These attacks will almost exclusively take place in blue cities, in blue counties, in blue states. That’s because Democrats allow and even encourage these riots, while Republicans tend to shut them down with police action. Recent attempts by left-wing rioters to stage large events in red states (such as Texas) have been quickly shut down, and both Antifa and BLM terrorist organizations only have legal protection for their acts in areas where left-wing DAs will refuse to charge them with crimes.
Notably, a new surge of riots and violence will now take place due to the passing of Ruth Bader Ginsburg, the infanticide advocate who was a hero of the bloodthirsty Left because she protected their “right” to murder their own babies without legal consequences. As child murder is a core value of the demon-worshiping Left, they are infuriated over the thought that a foe of unlimited abortion might be appointed to the court.

We anticipate pro-abortion rioters and left-wing anarchists will specifically target the homes of GOP Senators, rioting outside their homes and threatening violence against them if they do not agree to delay any vote on a new Supreme Court justice until after January 20th. These riots have already begun against McConnell, but will expand to many other senators.

Importantly, President Trump will not take aggressive law enforcement action against terrorist uprisings before the election. Rules of Engagement with rioters will continue to be relatively passive, allowing rioters to escalate their tactics without much of a response from federal law enforcement. All this will change after the election (see below), but until then, America is going to have to endure 40+ days of chaos, arson, violence and illegal rebellion activity that will target Trump supporters, law enforcement, Christians and conservatives.

During this time, the US Senate will likely hold hearings for a new SCOTUS nominee but will not hold a vote before the election. The reason for this comes down to vulnerable Senate seats, where GOP members in tight races might be unable to hold their seats if they are forced to vote on a new SCOTUS nominee before the election.

The stock market will continue to trend upward during this time due to relentless money printing by the federal reserve. They will pull out all the stops to keep the markets going, even if it means directly purchasing equities. There will be a huge price to pay for all this money printing later, of course…

There is a strong possibility of a military conflict with China in the South China Sea area (near Taiwan) before the election. Pentagon forces are itching for war, and they want to stage a conflict there to open the coffers so that more money flows to weapons contractors who give kickbacks to top Pentagon officials.

Election Day

On Election Day, Big Tech will activate widespread censorship of nearly all conservative channels, blacklisting them from posting so that only pro-Biden conversations can take place online. Any who post in favor of Trump will be instantly banned.

The insurrectionist corporate media will gaslight the nation, declaring Trump isn’t winning even when he is. Any results that show Trump winning in a landslide will be dismissed as “early” disinformation, because of course the media has to give the Democrats enough time to counterfeit the fake ballots they need in the districts they need to try to steal the election.

As the elections get under way, the left-wing media will fake exit polls to try to establish that Biden is winning. This way, when Democrats counterfeit ballots, the stolen election results will match all the exit polls, and the media will claim it all checks out.

By the end of the day, Trump will be winning an electoral victory, but many swing states such as Michigan and Pennsylvania will deliberately delay the reporting of their results, claiming mail-in ballots will take “weeks” to count, so they will refuse to officially report any victory for Trump.

Throughout Election Day, the left-wing media will also robotically claim “voter suppression,” setting up the narrative that if Trump wins, he must have won by suppressing the vote of black people, because he’s a “racist,” of course.

Immediate Post-Election Action

Immediately after the election, Democrats will likely activate their full-blown chaos agenda to throw the country into mass chaos, making any accurate counting of remaining votes almost impossible. This will likely begin with so-called “Zero Day” attacks that target key US infrastructure, including the power grid, telecommunications, transportation and water supplies.

These attacks will plunge many areas of America into extreme chaos and lead to exploding crisis scenarios which will quickly escalate into panic among the populations of certain cities where the attacks are focused.

In concert with the Zero Day attacks, left-wing insurrectionists will be given the “go” signal to flood into the streets, violently attacking Trump supporters with the full forces of the weapons that have been smuggled into the hands of Black Lives Matter terrorists via communist China, which is providing heavy weapons to US insurrectionists (full-auto battle rifles, RPGs, mortars and more).

Within days, many of America’s streets will be full-blown active war zones. This will quickly force Trump to invoke the Insurrection Act, which he will do, activating military assets which he has pre-positioned in 50 US cities, under the cover of “Operation Warp Speed” (the vaccine program).

From here, curfews will be enacted in many cities, and military personnel will quickly regain control of the streets. This will drive left-wing forces into guerrilla warfare mode, which will continue through January. In this mode, left-wing terrorists will resort to classic guerilla warfare tactics such as sabotage, politically targeted assassinations and bombings of key infrastructure. We are going to witness the radical Left descend into a full-blown militant insurrectionist force like the “Shining Path” in Peru, with kidnappings of the children of prominent conservatives, assassinations, bombings and more. It won’t take long for this to escalate.

Post-election chaos: Nov, Dec, Jan

We anticipate several Democrat-run states flat-out refusing to certify results in favor of Trump no matter how long it takes. We are essentially going to witness acts of secession among several blue states, most likely California, Oregon and Washington.

During this time, legal battles will be raging at the local level all across the nation, with Trump’s legal team attempting to nullify fraudulent votes (and fake ballots printed up by the Dems), and Democrats trying to include all the fake votes they have fabricated after the election. The future of this nation will depend on the outcome of these legal battles, perhaps coming down to a single court in a single state that could determine the entire election.

The possibility of increased tension with China — perhaps via a proxy war involving Taiwan — is heightened during this time. Watch for a Navy vessel conflict of some sort.

We anticipate the US Senate voting to confirm a new Supreme Court justice fairly quickly after the election, most likely Amy Barrett. The fact that she is a woman will avoid the left-wing media’s usual fabrication of sex-related allegations against male nominees (Kavanaugh, Clarence Thomas, etc.), but they will find new ways to attack Barrett, mostly likely by attacking her religious faith. To the demons on the Left, a person of faith is seen as their mortal enemy.

By all measures, the Democrats will flat-out refuse to concede the election to Trump no matter what the votes say. Even if he is winning a 400-vote electoral landslide, they will claim he’s not “legitimate” and therefore they refuse to participate in the election outcome unless they win it.

We wouldn’t be surprised if some prominent Democrats attempt to split off and claim Biden is the legitimate president, asserting that Trump “stole” the election through whatever mechanism sounds good at the time. They may try to invoke a military coup against Trump or even physically overrun and occupy the White House to physically place Joe Biden inside that symbol of power.

During this time, we see a very strong role for militia groups nationwide in protecting local areas — and perhaps even the White House — against left-wing attempts to overrun and seize control by force. There will likely be standoffs and possibly kinetic engagements between militia forces and left-wing insurrectionists, although we would encourage patriotic Americans to allow the military to do its job and put down the insurrectionists using Insurrection Act powers under the direction of President Trump.

Also during this time, there will be the same battle over “faithless electors” that we saw after the 2016 election, where blue states try to force their Electoral College voters to vote against the will of the people, denying Trump the official Electoral College votes he needs to official claim a second term. However, recent court cases have ruled that in many states, these faithless electors are not allowed to simply vote whatever way they wish. So this effort will fail.
Importantly, the new SCOTUS justice will be sworn in during this time, granting conservatives a 6-3 majority (technically, only a 5-4 majority since Roberts is a compromised, blackmailed traitor who now votes against conservative principles). This will be key as it seems likely one or more local court decisions involving mail-in votes will end up in the hands of SCOTUS under emergency appeal, and the court ruling will be pivotal in deciding the accepted outcome of the election.

In the end, we currently give Trump a 70% chance of achieving victory after everything is said and done, which is a significant improvement over where he was in April of this year, in the early days of the coronavirus pandemic. Biden’s 30% chance comes from the level of extreme organization of illegal ballot harvesting, voter fraud and ballot counterfeiting that is being carried out by the lawless Left, along with the coordinated censorship of nearly all pro-Trump voices across social media and Big Tech platforms.

During these months, we anticipate very high market volatility with several plunges in the markets as social chaos is unleashed across the country. The left-wing riots, infrastructure failures and general feeling of doom and gloom will put heavy downward pressure on the markets, and it wouldn’t be outlandish to expect a 30% correction in the Dow during this time (with perhaps a 40% correct in certain overvalued tech stocks). Gold and silver will skyrocket during all this chaos, as will prices of guns and ammo.

US military troops will maintain a heavy presence on the streets of left-wing cities (which is nearly every large city) in order to maintain law and order. To some people, America will begin to look like a war state under martial law, but in fact most conservatives will welcome the presence of the troops, given the extreme violence of the radical Left. Expect to see military roadway checkpoints in and around many US cities.

Expect continued shortages in food, products and consumer goods during this time. With infrastructure failures becoming more frequent, and left-wing terrorists targeting long-haul trucks and raiding retail stores, we will all be living through a time of extreme shortages and uncertainty.

The national economic will continue to crumble during all this, with sharp increases in joblessness and homelessness. Expect very long food lines across all 50 states, with tens of millions of Americans facing food insecurity as well as imminent homelessness if the federal ban on evictions is lifted.

Along with this, we expect a sharp increase in local crime as once-polite people turn desperate and begin looting and stealing in order to feed themselves and their families. Crimes of desperation will skyrocket.

Vaccines will begin to become available during this time, and the government may offer financial incentives for people to get injected. Given the economic collapse and desperation, many people will agree to the immunizations. Over the next few years, we will all come to learn how these vaccines ended up killing so many people, and rendering huge numbers permanently infertile (thereby achieving depopulation goals).

Inauguration Day: Jan 20, 2021

With Trump the likely winner of the election (see above), Inauguration Day will witness heavy protests by unhappy Leftists, and they will see this day as their last opportunity to try to overthrow the nation or go down in flames trying.

Here, the media will reveal their true treason against America, and they will denounce President Trump and his second term.

On this day, we expect many top Democrats and deep state traitors to flee the country, as their arrests will be imminent.

This may be the day that left-wing governors and traitors within the Pentagon declare war on America, setting off a full-blown civil war that could eventually see UN troops invading America and fighting on the side of Democrats to try to overthrow the US government and install their own president into power. We won’t know more about this dangerous dynamic until we see how the election plays out.

Post Inauguration Day

Assuming Trump wins the election, his second term sets off an epic fight to defend America by arresting and shutting down the treasonous actors, insurrectionists and deep state traitors who tried to overthrow this nation. We will see mass arrests of people like James Comey, John Brennan and perhaps even Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama himself, one of the masterminds of the deep treason against America. California Gov. Newsom, a hardened mafia criminal, will also likely be arrested and charged with money laundering and sedition.

With Trump in power for a second term, the radical Left will go “scorched Earth” on America, activating every asset to destroy America’s infrastructure, poison water supplies, bomb buildings, burn cities to the ground and mass murder as many people as possible. This is the goal of Leftists: They HATE America and want to see it destroyed, and they know this is their last opportunity to bring the country down before they are exterminated and removed from power. Importantly, in Trump’s second term, the DNC will be disbanded and the Democrat party will implode.

Ultimately, we hope to see Trump ordering the military police arrests of Big Tech CEOs (while seizing tech companies), fake news media operatives (who are mostly working with China and the CIA), university professors who are terror recruitment operatives and the leaders of all the left-wing movements that are rooted in violence. Whether he pursues all this depends largely on how much outcry there is from conservative Americans against the terrorism and treason of the Left, so your voice will be important during this time.

If, on the other hand, Trump loses the election because Democrats have rigged it, we can expect a civil war to be well under way by this time, with any number of scenarios unfolding across the landscape of cities and states.

No matter who wins, we see America breaking apart by 2025, as lunatic left-wing Democrats are now flatly incompatible with civil society. They cannot function in a system rooted in fairness, free speech and equal protection under the law. They can only flourish under rigged, authoritarian systems rooted in government tyranny and the destruction of fundamental human rights such as the right to speak. Nearly all Democrats have been transformed into hate-filled, raging lunatics who cannot function under a system of law or reason. Thus, we don’t see California, Oregon and Washington wanting to participate in a future nation where their government tyranny is nullified by liberty. They may attempt to secede from the union, setting off regional civil war action in their own states as rural citizens face off against urban citizens to determine who controls the fate of their states.

America as we know it will cease to exist by 2025. Even if Trump wins, he will be the last President of the USA as we know it.

Sometime in 2021, markets will likely suffer a catastrophic correction. The social implications of this are beyond the scope of this report, but they will be enormous.
In the end, everyone will come to learn you can’t run an economy on fake currency and debt creation. This entire system is coming down, no matter who’s in the White House. They can only keep it afloat for a little while longer. But much the same is also true for China, and it’s actually going to be intiguing to see which nation’s financial system collapses first.

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