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CDC now says coronavirus is spread through aerosolized “respiratory droplets” that linger in the air

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, a discredited front group for the vaccine industry, has flip-flopped yet again, this time settling on the claim that Wuhan coronavirus particles do, indeed, spread through the air, riding along with aerosolized spit particles that are ejected from the mouths of people as they speak.

“The guidelines on how the coronavirus spreads were initially updated last month to acknowledge a role, and possibly the primary one, played by tiny aerosol particles in spreading the virus,” reports the Wall Street Journal, a pro-vaccine, pro-pharma publication. “But the agency removed the changes only days later, saying a draft version of the proposed changes had been posted in error. In its latest revisions to the guidelines Monday, the CDC acknowledged a role for the tiny airborne particles…”

This means the CDC, after months of junk science denialism, has finally come around to the position of Natural News, where we explained from February that respiratory viruses travel through the air, hitching a ride on aerosolized spit particles. But in the months since, the CDC and WHO have, at various times, denied that coronavirus strains could spread through the air, and then alternately confirmed that they could.

Notably, Facebook, Twitter and Youtube have banned content that claimed the coronavirus could spread through the air because such information contradicted the CDC. This demonstrates the idiocy of Big Tech’s censorship policies, as they are rooted in the false “authority” of bodies like the CDC and WHO that have no loyalty to anything other than political narratives that enrich Big Pharma.

Aerosolized virus particles help explain why masks help prevent infections from spreading when worn by those who are already infected

Now, we face a situation where the CDC can’t decide what to say because its positions are determined by politics, not science. The truth is, if the coronavirus can’t spread through the air, then neither can influenza or any other respiratory illness, for that matter.

What the CDC is finally coming around to recognizing — eight months too late — is that the reason masks help spread respiratory infections is because they trap the spit particles of people who are infected. Masks offer no real protection to wearers who are not yet infected, but they do trap the spit ejections of those who are carriers. (This simple fact is yet to be recognized by the anti-mask advocates across indy media who continue to falsely claim that masks can’t work and might even be dangerous.)

Notably, the coronavirus travels attached to spit particles which are much larger than the virus itself, which explains why masks that have “weave” fibers which are much larger than the virus can still trap viruses traveling on large respiratory particles.

One of the arguments of the anti-mask advocates has been that masks can’t trap the coronavirus because the virus is physically too small to be caught in the mask fibers. But those making the argument fail to recognize that the virus isn’t traveling in the air all by itself. It’s attached to much larger spit particles which are very easily trapped by N95 masks (or even bandanas).

White House outbreak spreads to 29 people (and counting)

Many people are currently speculating that President Trump caught the coronavirus because he refused to wear a mask, even while interacting with large numbers of people who were also not wearing mask. So far, the coronavirus outbreak has spread to 29 people in the White House, including many of those who were closest to the president.

“[There is] evidence indicating the virus can spread under certain conditions via the smaller airborne particles to people who were more than 6 feet away,” reports the Wall Street Journal. This means the six foot “social distancing” guideline is nonsense. Viruses don’t magically stop at six feet. The CDC goes on to say, “transmissions occurred within enclosed spaces that had inadequate ventilation,” which means it’s also pointless for people to wear masks when outdoors (such as while jogging on the beach or walking their dog).

Right-wing indy media outlets continue to claim the coronavirus is a “hoax” that doesn’t exist and killed no one

The vast majority of right-wing, independent media outlets have claimed the covid-19 pandemic is a “hoax,” often insisting there’s no such thing as the coronavirus or any virus. The recent infection of President Trump should have ended the “hoax” narrative, but it hasn’t. Now, many of the same outlets are claiming Trump faked the infection because he’s going into a deep bunker to launch 500,000 arrests of deep state traitors. Although we wish such an event would take place to remove deep state traitors from power, that narrative is pure fiction, and Trump isn’t faking his illness.

Sources tell Natural News that President Trump will be leaving Walter Reed at 6:30 p.m. Eastern time today, which means his stay in the hospital will be quite short. His battle with covid-19 and the coronavirus infection has, in fact, humbled the president and made him more compassionate and understanding of others who are battling the affliction. It might even turn out that Trump’s fight with covid-19 wins him just enough sympathy from voters to hand him a popular vote victory in November, if not an Electoral College victory.

Strangely enough, Trump being infected with the Wuhan coronavirus might be the very thing that saves his presidency.

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